ZSP announcement leaves new applicants worried

ZSP announcement leaves new applicants worried

ZSP holders are at ease after the announcement by the South African communications minister that they should await a statement by the Home Affairs minister on when the application process will reopen.

How to apply and what special requirements needed for the ZSP holders to get the new permit will be also be announced at the same time.

Anxiety and faint hope however is the order of the day for new applicants after the minister of communications made no mention of them.

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Home Affairs minister, Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize was quoted in a radio interview saying the new permit would accommodate even those who are currently undocumented. She was answering a question from a caller who asked what would happen to the undocumented migrants.

Listen to Home Affairs Minister Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize’s response here

Watch Communications Minister announce ZSP permits to be re-opened

From that conversation hangs the hopes for the new applicants who anxiously waits for their chance to legalise their stay in South Africa.

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