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Zimbabweans To Approach Courts In SA For Extension To ZSP

A Zimbabwean group has decided to formally apply to the Courts in South Africa having recently been denied the opportunity to apply for exemptions in South Africa.

The group, which consists of Zimbabweans who have had to leave their homeland due to the progressive meltdown of the political and economic situation, are following the legal process to try and achieve a settled life for themselves and their families.

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The applicants have all complied with the conditions of extended dispensation permits, which allow them to work, study or conduct business for three years until the end of December 2017.

They are all productive and economically active members of South African society and do not see a future for themselves in Zimbabwe, as their families and friends have kept them informed of the situation there.

According to Leon Isaacson, Managing Director of Global Migration SA, this is a private and individual application initiative which will request specific terms as people are tired of living transitory lives.

While costs have been kept to minimum, those who participate are responsible for their own costs and share the costs of any later litigation.

How to proceed:

Anyone who holds a Zimbabwean dispensation permit and would like to join this initiative and apply should please complete the form below and use the subject line ZSP Exemption Process.

Complete form here

For further information contact Leon Isaacson at email leon@globalimsa.com or call 021-419-0934.

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