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Zimbabwe Community In South Africa’s Statement On ZEP Applicants Who Applied For Passports

The Zimbabwe Community in South Africa has issued a statement advising ZSP holders to obtain a letter from the Zimbabwe consulate and produce it on application or top up of their passport application.

It read:

    ZSP holders who applied for 3 months Zimbabwean passports, are asked to top up , that is , if one paid $53 , one should pay another $200 to get a new passport in time to apply for ZEP.

    The applicant must visit the Zimbabwean consulate to get an accompanying letter by the Consul General , which will indicate that the applicant is a ZSP holder.

    Those ZSP holders who are yet to apply for new passports should also visit the Consulate offices to get letters that will be attached to their application forms.

    The office of the Register General is giving priority to ZSP holders who are renewing their special permits.

    The Zimbabwean government is in the process of importing the passport paper from Europe.

    Issued by : Ngqabutho Nicholas Mabhena;
    Chairman : Zim Community.
    For more info; WhatsApp +27 83 340 1000.

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