ZEP applicants worried after seeing VFS email

ZEP applicants with expiring passports panic after seeing VFS email

Zimbabwe Exemption Permit, (ZEP) applicants whose passports expire before 31 December 2021 are seeking answers after an email purportedly from VFS Global said applicants will get permits for up to when the passport expire.

This stance is different from what the Department of Home Affairs did with the ZSP where applicants were given the full ZSP term of 3 years irregardless of when the passport would expire.

Upon obtaining a new passport ZSP holders where able to apply for the permit transfer to the new passport.

A ZSP holder whose passport expire in 2020 raised the issue with VFS Global asking if he was going to get a full term ZEP permit ending 2021 even when his passport would expire a year earlier.

ZEP applicants

The initial enquiry by a concerned ZSP holder to VFS

VFS Global responded by saying that the Department of Home Affairs will issue a ZEP permit up to when the passport expires if it does so before December 2021 and it does not say anything after that.

ZEP applicants

VFS Global’s response that got ZEP applicants worried

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Affected ZEP applicants have been left to guess what will become of their future after their passports and ZEP permits expire before December 2021.

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