Zanu PF again turns to loyal mistress, MDC, in tough times

Zanu PF again turns to their mistress MDC in hard times

Yet again Zanu PF is turning to their cheap and loyal mistress, MDC, for help in tough times.

When Zanu PF almost imploded, faced with a failing economy and a hostile international community back in 2008 they asked MDC to rescue them and they entered into a marriage of convenience.

It worked wonders as empty shelves started filling up again in the shops and fuel which had become a scarce commodity was flowing in again.

Zanu PF had stolen the election and after MDC protested, a government of national unity was formed. MDC were talked into accepting to go into bed with a party that they had beaten hands down.

The same Army Generals who the public has been treating as gods recently, denied MDC their chance to rule. Thabo Mbeki convinced MDC to accept Zanu PF’s offer of a few ministries and the Prime Minister post for their leader Morgan Tsvangirai to sweeten the deal.

Towards the end of the transitional government’s term, Zanu PF dumped the MDC and went on to win an election marred by many irregularities.

No real changes were made to the electoral processes to create a conjucive environment for a free and fair election. A vital point outlined during the formation of the inclusive government.

If you ask me why the MDC agreed to work with Zanu PF, I’ll tell you that it’s because they had seen how Zimbabweans suffered at the hands of a Zanu PF led government shunned by the international community. They could not watch the country deteriorate any further hence they offered the key to the much needed aid from the international community.

Did MDC learn anything from their union with Zanu PF?

NO, they have not learned that they are only recognised when Zanu PF want to sleep with them. If such desire is not there MDC are enemies and sellouts.

The ZDF has been MDC’s stumbling block on their route to power and all of a sudden they become a saviour for the people of Zimbabwe.

Reports that Morgan Tsvangirai is being offered to be Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister in return for help in the impeachment of Robert Mugabe easily brings back the thought of the transitional government in which they were used and thrown into the bin at the end of the term.

What MDC should do

If they seek temporary reprieve for the populace, they can help Zanu PF solve their faction battles and move to impeach Mugabe. This move, however, strengthens their opponents and will likely make them regret come the next election. Article continues after ads…

Or, they should refuse to be used again and let Zanu PF solve their own problems. By so doing they let Zanu PF implode from within and face a divided and weaker opponent in the upcoming election.

The military Junta has revealed it’s head and again they have expressed that they will only accept a leader from the revolutionary party, automatically ruling out any other party, MDC included.

This proves beyond reasonable doubt that they are a wing of the ruling party contrary to common belief that they are a state organ.

In my view MDC will not agree to be used to legitimise a coup committed by an army that has blocked their highway to power. They will also not help Zanu PF regroup and be one again, unless if they are determined to destroy a foundation skillfully crafted for them by Grace Mugabe.

The opposition will support Zanu PF out of a grave misdiagonisis of Zimbabwe’s problems as Mugabe himself not Zanu PF.

The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher (i zim) but the writer’s own opinion.

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