Video of Zimbabwean man drowning

Watch: Zimbabwean man drowns in SA dam while friends take a video

A cellphone footage of a Zimbabwean man drowning in Chelmsford dam near Newcastle in KZN has surfaced on social media.

It has ignited a heated debate on the unfortunate event unfolding in front of people seemingly more interested in capturing the last moments of their purported friend than helping him.

Reports suggest that a group of friends went for a weekend outing at Chelmsford dam on 16/09/2017. They had their braai and a few alcoholic drinks.

The victim only identified as Wallace another man apparently took off their clothes and jumped into the river to cool down.

Immediately, the man experienced problems and struggled to stay afloat.

In the 2 min 49 sec video, his friends can be heard laughing at him thinking he is pretending to be struggling.

The friends argue whether he is indeed struggling or he is playing a joke on them, meanwhile he dissappers under the water and resurfaces again after a few seconds.

Eventually the man slowly disappears under the water and does not resurface. Only then, one of them jumps into the water and try to locate him but the victim is nowhere to be seen.

Arrive Alive reports that ER24 paramedics and SAPS search and rescue were called in but the man’s body was only located and recovered the following morning.

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The video has sparked a heated debate with comments divided on whether or not his friends should be blamed. Watch the video below and have your say:

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Video of Zimbabwean man drowning

The victim (in black shorts) just minutes before drowning Photo: Supplied

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