Dead husband and son bodies

WATCH: ‘They Will Ressurect’- Woman Caught With Dead Husband And Son’s Bodies

A Mhondoro woman kept the dead bodies of her husband and son in her house allegedly hoping they will ressurect.

The bizzarre incident happened in Melusi village under chief Mashayamombe in Mhondoro.

A villager alerted community elders of an unbearable stench coming from the woman’s homestead and they approached the woman.

It is alleged that the woman refused to give the fellow villagers the keys to the stinking hut forcing them to force open the doors.

A large business of flies pleasured themselves on one body which was in an advanced stage of decomposition while a human skeleton lay on the other side.

A villager who refused to be named said, “it was not a scene for the faint-hearted, you would never want to look for the second time.”

Upon questioning and serious threats of mob justice the woman explained:

“The skeleton is my son who died earlier this year but being a prophet before his death he instructed us not to mourn him but keep him in his hut. He said he would ressurect”

And the decomposed body, she said it was her husband Muzozo Phiri who died a week earlier on 14 July 2017.

“He also was not to be buried because my prophet son gave instruction that we rest him not bury him for he would also rise from the dead,” she added.

The family are known to be firm followers of the Jowani Masowe Nguwo Tsvuku cult.

“I was only following the prophecy hoping they will ressurect,” she said.

Many villagers are buffled by the bizzarre incident especially because there are four people residing at the homestead, none of whom alerted anyone. Her other son is among the four.

Village elders had their hands full trying to calm some villagers baying for the woman’s blood accusing her of practising witchcraft.


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