Waitress suffers miscarriage after Grace Mugabe hotel rampage

Waitress suffers miscarriage after Grace Mugabe hotel rampage

Grace Mugabe’s violent attack has another victim, sadly she was not even a target but she found herself at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This after she was allegedly pushed by Robert Mugabe jnr as he fled from her charging mother. She suffered a miscarriage as a result Sunday Times reported.

The Capital 20 West waitress was delivering food when Robert jnr ran past her and pushed her out of the way. She fell to the ground and was rushed to hospital, where she later lost her baby.

A hotel employee confirmed the incident.

“She was not hit by Grace. It was Robert jnr who pushed her out of the way as he ran away from his mother.

“Grace did hit staff members … She was hitting everyone – her sons, their friends, the girls and staff members.”

Another hotel staff member, who did not want to be named, said the waitress had been delivering food on that floor when she got caught in the fracas.

“There was a meeting between Grace Mugabe’s people and the hotel’s human resources people on Tuesday,” he said.

Garnet Basson, chief operating officer at The Capital Hotel Group, did not confirm or deny the incident, but said: “We are handling this thing internally. Please respect that. We will decide on how to deal with this matter going forward.

“It’s the staff member’s privacy that we must respect. I can assure you that we are doing everything in all aspects to ensure that we follow the necessary steps.”

A source said Grace also assaulted a manager at the hotel.

Grace Mugabe has since left South Africa after the South African government gave in to pressure from SADC to give her diplomatic immunity. Read More
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