‘Vanhu veMasvingo’ Angered By Social Media Jokes, Say It’s Tribalism

‘Vanhu veMasvingo’ Angered By Social Media Jokes, Say It’s Tribalism

Social media trend of ‘Vanhu veMasvingo’ jokes have touched the people of Masvingo’s nerves and they are furious at whoever started and continues to spread the attack on the Karanga tribe calling it unacceptable cheap tribalism.

Masvingo province is dominated by the Karanga tribe who in the recent times pride themselves in producing many intellectuals hence the ‘Vanhu veMasvingo’ jokes themed by stupidity comes as a surprise to them if one would consider social media commentary.


Tribalism refer in popular cultural terms to a way of thinking or behaving in which people are loyal to their own tribe or social group and the Masvingo people say stupid, uncivilised and uneducated does not at all describe their social standing hence they want a stop to the trend.

    Some comments exctracted from the social media
    “After 37 yrs of Independence we can destroy what we have achieved by sending the senseless jokes which transmit other unintended signals especially among children and youths that now shun their cultural identity just to escape the scathing attack”

    “And just today one of my colleagues who is a South African asked me from which province of Zimbabwe I come from. I said Masvingo, then he burst out laughing and started teasing me, so you’re the most stupid tribesman of Zimbabwe, I know this from the blonde jokes about your people.”

    “I would like to urge all Masvingo folk to remain calm and collected and exude profound nonchalance. This systematic avalanche of counter and non productive nonsensical pot shots emanates from sections of our society who have an abundance of time to misdirect their creativity in lieu of more pertinent national issues that require urgent attention.”

I Zim says “Stop entertaining jokes that might be translated as tribalism, don’t share jokes that divide us according to tribes. There is no veMasvingo or veHarare, we are all of Zimbabweans.”

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