Thieves bashed at masowe

Thieves bashed at masowe

APOSTOLIC church members attacked two men who were caught stealing vehicle parts at their shrine along Seke Road last Friday.

The two thieves, who identified themselves as Admire Desire Masiiwa and Chenjerai Nyabonde of Magaba, pleaded with church elders for forgiveness after men of cloth took turns to beat them.

“Vanoda kurohwa kwete zvekuvaendesa kumapurisa, nhasi munopfidza kana manga muchiti mapositori akapusa.
“We always lose our shoes and vehicle wheel covers here and you are the thieves,” one of the church members was heard saying as he pounced on one of the two with clenched fists.

thieves bashed at masowe

Just after receiving a lesson or two from the church men

“They are serial thieves. We caught them when we went under cover,” added one of the church members.
Church members stopped attacking the two after they spotted H-Metro lenses and ordered the suspects to leave their shrine.

“We were caught unscrewing vehicle wheel covers but this is our first time here; we wanted to take them to Siyaso,” said Admire bleeding from the mouth and nose. HMetro

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