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Zanu PF again turns to their mistress MDC in hard times

Chokwadi Choga- November 20, 2017

Yet again Zanu PF is turning to their cheap and loyal mistress, MDC, for help in tough times. When Zanu PF almost imploded, faced with ... Read More

Robert Mugabe sacks Zimbabwe Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Chokwadi Choga- November 6, 2017

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has fired Emmerson Mnangagwa as vice president, Information Minister Simon Khaya Moyo has said on Monday, removing one of the favourites ... Read More

Waitress suffers miscarriage after Grace Mugabe hotel rampage

Chokwadi Choga- August 20, 2017

Grace Mugabe's violent attack has another victim, sadly she was not even a target but she found herself at the wrong place at the wrong ... Read More

Alleged Grace Mugabe Assault Victim Offered Blank Cheque- Video

Chokwadi Choga- August 17, 2017

The woman who was allegedly assaulted by Zimbabwe’s First Lady‚ Grace Mugabe‚ was offered a blank cheque to make the matter go away. This was ... Read More

BREAKING: SA Police ministry confirms Grace Mugabe is still in SA

Chokwadi Choga- August 16, 2017

Johannesburg – The SA police ministry has confirmed that Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe has not left the country. "The suspect lawyers and Zimbabwean government ... Read More

Guns Come Out As Grace Mugabe Fight Son’s Girlfriend In South Africa

Chokwadi Choga- August 14, 2017

Zimbabwe's first lady, Grace Mugabe's body guards drew out guns to defend the angry mother after her assault victim tried to fight back. She allegedly ... Read More

‘My leg was crushed by the armoured car but miraculously I survived’- Grace Mugabe

Chokwadi Choga- July 25, 2017

Harare - Grace Mugabe says her leg was crushed by her husband's armour-plated limousine and miracously survived, in her first public comments on the "freak ... Read More