Stuck on Eligibility check, here is what ZEP applicants should do

A ZSP holder who got stuck on the VFS Eligibility check page has narrated how frightened he got looking into a possibility of losing the chance to get a ZEP permit.

Little did he know that in a few steps detailed below he would wipe away all the stress and know that he would get his ZEP work permit.

“When I got stuck on the VFS Eligibility check page, my heart raced like a cheetah while my mind like a confused cockroach wandered everywhere looking for answers.

“Could it be that traffic ticket which I didn’t pay, coming back to haunt me?

“Or is the fight at the bar, but that was not reported after all how would they get my name?”

“Ooh, maybe they saw my overstay before I got the permit.”

Stupid thoughts overwhelmed my brains, all of which would not disqualify me for a ZEP permit.

What I did

I simply emailed and got an automated response telling me I would get a response in 2 days.

I gave my passport number, email address, Permit number, and waited anxiously.

On the second day I received an email with my details which I was supposed to use to apply for the ZEP Permit.

Only then I realised that during data capture VFS Global had made a mistake capturing my date of birth wrong.

After I filled in the info supplied by VFS Global I could see my ZEP application like lightning flying online to settle in their database, if I saw correctly my ZEP permit will have a 5 year term, to add some flowers to the happy ending ha ha ha. Email us for free help at

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