Soul jah love cars

Soul Jah Love cars repossessed

SINCE Soul Jah Love’s death on February 16 last year, his family has been battling some of his friends, music producers and business partners over rights to his vehicles and other assets.

The family revealed that the singer left behind a house, which was near completion, a residential stand in Stoneridge, a Ford Explorer, Honda Elysion, Toyota Hiace and a BMW X5.

The deceased’s sister, Carol Musaka, said she was helped by the Master of High Court to have some of the vehicles returned.

“We had given up on following up on some of the properties left behind by my brother. He left cars with some of his friends and we had called for them to be returned, but they had not heeded our call,” said Carol.

Batsirayi Nyanungo, who was a friend of the musician, returned one of the vehicles.

The late Soul Jah Love’s estate is still to be finalised and distributed.

A BMW X5 was under the possession of music promoter and businessman, Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza.

Chipaz, however, claims he will only hand over the car through his trusted friend and former manager, Wadis.

“I gave the BMW X5 to Soul Jah Love myself and had not repossessed the vehicle as is being portrayed in some parts of the media.

“The car was towed to my garage the very day he died and has been here since.

“I am willing to hand over the vehicle to any of his family members, who come through Wadis, because he is the one I can trust to represent Soul Jah Love’s real interests.

“None of the family members have come forward asking for the vehicle or asking for it to be repaired,” said Chipaz.

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