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SA Satanic Church closed to public to protect influential practising satanists



sa satanic church

South African Satanist Church is closed to the public, who are not members, to protect the identities of TV personalities and leading businessmen who are practising satanists.

So said its co-founder, Riaan Swiegelaar, on Monday night when he and fellow co-founder Adri Norton were interviewed on Open View’s eNews and Sports channel.

Swiegelaar said his congregation did not believe in “the devil” or “Satan”.

A debate on social media flared up following the interview, despite the church having opened in Century City, Cape Town, in February.


On Tuesday night, the pair took to Facebook to “clear up misconceptions” which they had encountered online.

Some members of the public asked if they could attend a service, to which Swiegelaar said: “We look after our members as if it were our family. Please understand that many of us, many satanists, are not that accepted by their families. Therefore, we have become like a family.

“I personally would protect my family at all times. We have very well-known personalities, people who are on TV daily, in our congregation … as well as prominent businessmen.

“So, to protect their identity, we’re certainly not going to allow members of the public to come to satanic rituals.”

The couple said there were certain “rites of passage” – such as satanic weddings, satanic naming ceremonies, and more – which members of their congregation might wish to invite family, and were welcome to do so.

There was also satanic “Bible study”, which members of the public could try remotely.

“You will immediately know if you are a satanist or not,” Swiegelaar promised.


Norton said she was against members of the public participating in satanic rituals without the proper induction into the religion – and participating in activities such as “chanting affirmations”, sometimes with drums – could be “very emotional” if members of the public came in cold.

The church hit the news when it was ostensibly “registered”. On its website, it states itself as a not-for-profit company.

Among its “9 Satanic Statements” are: “Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence [although it does not say in what]; Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek and Satan is the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years.”

But Swiegelaar was clear: “We do not believe in the devil, or Satan, as an external deity or a being. We revere Satan as an archetype, as a symbol for pride, for joy, for the carnal nature of humanity.”

The church’s founders reminded the public it also practiced safe Covid-19 rituals – and were not open to large crowds of congregants under Level 3.

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Man drowns over dead duck




A PFUPAJENA man drowned in a dam while trying to retrieve a duck he had killed using a catapult.

Local resident Gift Miti confirmed they buried his best friend Tapiwa Banda on Sunday after he drowned.

“On the fateful Thursday, Banda was in the company of his wife on their way to Mupfure River for illegal gold panning so they could get cash to buy food.

“Upon reaching the dam, he extracted his catapult from a tools bag and shot a duck that was close to the edge.

“He stripped off his clothes and handed his wife before he dived into the dam and by the time he grabbed the duck, he started to drown,” he said.

Miti said efforts to rescue Banda were futile despite his wife calling for help.

“When he was in the water, his wife rushed to the farm compound to seek help but those who were first to reach the scene failed to rescue Banda because it appears like his legs were tied on something at the bottom of the dam,  ” Miti narrated.

What is so weird is the dead was hauled off on Friday afternoon and brought out of the dam clasping the duck in his right hand.

“Banda used to swim after shooting his prey but what happened last Friday left the entire farm shell-shocked. How can a corpse have firm grip on a duck,” Miti asked.

Farm dwellers strongly believe in the myth that every August a natural ritual sacrifice occurs at the dam.

“There is appeasement of unknown spirits. Strange and frightening deaths happen every August.

“If it’s not a cattle, a person dies mysteriously and the only solution to stop recurrence is to engage prophets and traditional medium spirits,” he said._H-Metro

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Man beats wife to death




A 32-YEAR-OLD man from Spring Farm on the outskirts of Bulawayo is on the run after allegedly beating his wife to death using a hose accusing her of cheating on him.

Herbert Mthimkhulu, a caretaker at the farm beat Nokwanda Dube (28) to death after his aunt told him that Dube was cheating on him.

The incident occurred on August 8 and the suspect has been on the run ever since.

Mthimkhulu is said to had travelled to Gwanda and on his return was informed about his wife’s extramarital affair.

He is said to have summoned his wife to his younger brother’s home within the same compound and savagely assaulted her using a hosepipe.

Mthimkhulu is said to have stopped beating her after intervention from members of the public.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube said Mthimkhulu left his brother’s residence and continued to beat her up at their home.

Dube is said to have sustained deep cuts and blisters all over her body as a result of the assault.

Insp Ncube said the person who reported the matter to the police discovered that Dube’s health had seriously deteriorated, leading to her death, moments later.

“Upon arrival she found deceased sleeping on a mattress wearing only tights looking too weak. The now-deceased asked the informant to prepare porridge for her while requesting to be assisted to visit the toilet.

Dube also asked, the informant to help dress her up as she had been beaten up again. She showed her injuries on her thighs and hands but before she could tell the informant more, the accused ordered her to stop talking,” said Insp Ncube.

He said Dube who was in bad shape could not even walk to the toilet and she asked the police informant to escort her.

“But Mthimkhulu declined as he told her that if she cannot walk, she should relieve herself on the bed. The deceased started vomiting through the mouth and nose and died shortly after,” he said.

Insp Ncube said the accused ran away leading to the informant reporting the matter at Cement Side police base.

He said the body was taken to United Bulawayo Hospitals for post mortem while efforts to locate the accused are underway.

Insp Ncube warned the public against resorting to violence when faced with difference.

“We urge members of the public not to disclose confidential information that does not concern them as this lead to fatalities.

Members of the public are urged to seek counsel from the family elderly, church leaders or village heads when faced with problems as resorting to violence does not pay,” said Insp Ncube.


The Chronicle

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Byo woman dumped over excessive sex demands




MOST relationships are uplifted by regular sexual intercourse and for most men, sex is a good thing and physiologically beneficial. It calms them, keeps them connected to their partners.

Well, in the “this might be the first time in the history of the country” vein, a seemingly exhausted Bulawayo man dumped his lover because he could no longer keep up with her “excessive and unrelenting” demand for sex.

Besides being aggressive and autocratic with an “insatiable appetite for sex”, Stanford Dambwara from Bulawayo’s Mzilikazi suburb sought separation from his lover Senzeni Mayisa, a till operator at a city shop also alleging that she once attempted to commit suicide by stabbing herself with a kitchen knife after he refused to please her between the sheets.

In a bid to stop Mayisa from coming to his house and force him to make love to her, Dambwara, a lecturer at a city college approached the court last week and sought a restraining order against his estranged lover.

“I had an affair with Senzeni Mayisa in November 2019. As time went by, the relationship was no longer good for me and I asked that we stop. She refused and started threatening and harassing me. Her behaviour is very bad and the following is what she has been doing leading me to apply for a protection order:

“She would threaten to come to my place to cause havoc. She once came and made noise with other tenants while accusing me of helping one of them to operate a shebeen. That very night she attempted to rape me and tore my pair of trousers after I refused to undress.

“After she failed to rape me, she took a knife and attempted suicide. I grabbed the knife and threw it outside. I can’t stay with someone who is forcing me to make love to her when I’m not interested. She is also threatening to come to my workplace to harass me in front of the students,” complained Dambwara.

He said on the day in question and as punishment for refusing to have sex with her, Mayisa demanded back all the gifts she bought for him and the money she gave him during the subsistence of their relationship.

Mayisa, while denying Dambwara’s allegations, told the court that they were still in love and would be at his house every Sunday to supposedly bless each other with sex.

“What he said is not true. I am still in a relationship with him and I go to his house every Sunday. Although we are no longer in good books, he hasn’t told me that he no longer loves me,” responded Mayisa.

For the purpose of maintaining peace between the two estranged parties the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure ordered Mayisa to stay away from Dambwara’s house and workplace as well as not to verbally harass or threaten him in any way.


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