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Njuzu depressed after viral bedroom video leak



Njuzu, a popular Zimbabwean model based in South Africa has threatened to take her life after a bedroom video of her doing the thing with her man was released on social media.

The Zimbabwean social media personality real name, Monalisa Henrietta Chavura Zulu, popularly known as Njuzu has threatened to commit suicide.

This comes after at least four of her bedroom videos, which are all explicit, leaked on social media.After the videos leaked, she initially said she has to come to terms with it.

She went on Instagram Live to say she was unfazed by the criticism as well as nasty comments she got.

However, hours later the socialite made a post on social media, in which she appeared to be threatening to commit suicide.

In the post which was posted on Instagram; Njuzu said that she is suffering from depression and slammed cyberbullies.

She then seemingly accuses her love rival, Ms Shally, of being responsible for digging up the leaked videos from her past.

She ends the post on an alarming note, directing her mother to take of her son; and to keep reminding him that she loves him.

“Depression is Real, Cyber bullying is bad, MsShally I hope you got what you wanted, Digging my past is as good as digging my grave, Please Mom take care of my son & let him know that I love him.”

hours later the socialite made a post on social media, in which she appeared to be threatening to commit suicide

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Misery mounts for Seh Calaz



ZIMDANCEHALL chanter Tawanda “Seh Calaz” Mumanyi’s woes continue to mount as he faces eviction from his lodgings, if an eviction notice letter addressed to him posted on social media by his “former” wife and fellow musician Moira Sibongile Knight on Saturday is anything to go by.

The Mbare-bred singer saw his four-year marriage to Knight, daughter to veteran broadcaster Erick, collapse if his social media claims are to be believed.

Different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has been abuzz as the celebrity couple washed their dirty linen in public as Moira accused Seh Calaz of drug abuse and child negligence.

“Dear Mr Tawanda Mumanyi, this eviction letter is to notify you that you have to vacate the leased out premises within three months (August 2020) from the delivery of this eviction letter to you,” part of the note read.

“You are required to leave the premises in a clean and undamaged condition, ie; 1. The walls need to be clean. If need be, they should to be repainted as when you moved in they had just been painted, 2. The floors should be in good condition ie, polished, 3. The cupboards/wardrobes/windows should be left in good condition and clean ie all screens

In a follow-up interview with NewsDay Life &Style yesterday, Moira, who is back in the country from the United Kingdom, downplayed the divorce despite having earlier accused Seh Calaz of neglecting her and their baby while prioritising drug and alcohol abuse in a series of her Instagram posts.

“There is no divorce story,” she told this publication.

While Moira said there was no divorce, Seh Calaz confirmed the divorce through a social media post before urging the media to stay off his life.

“I have been silent for a long time, but I could not keep in hiding silently. As you know that for it to be a family, there is supposed to be a woman and what hides the issues is the walls. I cannot badmouth a woman because something has gone wrong. May you forgive me on that, but all I can say is that from now going onwards, my marriage with Moira has ended. For the mean time, I am kindly asking for space from you my relatives, friends and the media. I am not the first one or the last one to be faced with such a situation. As a father, I will not say much in public. To all my fans, friends and family who feel like I have let them down, I humbly apologise, I am sorry. I am human to. #iwillbebackstronger#welcomesinglelife#.”
In part of the threads that Moira posted on social media, she claimed that Seh Calaz purports to live a good and clean life to the public.

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“I would love to talk privately as adults, but as you can imagine, there is nothing you can talk to him as he is very good at not availing himself. I have not seen Tawanda (Seh Calaz) since August 12 when he jumped the durawall as I tried to talk to him,” she said.

“I spent my birthday with his relatives waiting for him so we could discuss the issues, but he did not turn up, even after being phoned several times. I have been away for a few months, not on holiday, but giving birth to my son and unfortunately, when I came back, I found the house resembling a bush, hence my reason for involving his relatives.”
Moira mocked Seh Calaz that he purports to live a celebrity life roaming around the streets in Mbare instead of being a family man.

“On a serious and concerning note, all sorts of insults may be hailed at me, but at 30 years, a man must be mature enough brain wise. When you talk of being a celebrity or when you post pictures on Instagram slaying like a slay queen every three hours, when it’s dark, it would be good to know that someone is heading to his own house not roaming around Mbare taking pictures,” she said.

“By now, having been in the industry for that long should have built even a small basic house like other artistes have done. Knowing that this is my property where no one will ask for rentals is an achievement. Look at the sofas, they should have been replaced a long time ago because someone works and has been for years. He refurbished his studio so that people think he is focused. If you see this place, you will see that I am good person.”

Apparently, this is not the first time that Seh Calaz and Moira have had a public spat as in June 2017, they also had a nasty bust-up_NewsDay

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ZAOGA church dragged to court over breach of contract



Zimbabwe Assemblies Of God Africa (ZAOGA) has been slapped with a $300 000 lawsuit by a local consulting engineering firm for breach of contract.

The consulting engineering firm — Stratus Consulting (Pvt) Ltd — was hired to provide professional engineering services for the construction of the massive Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) campus in Bindura.

While in the middle of the project, Stratus claims it was elbowed out in violation of the contract entered between the parties. To that end, Stratus has instructed its lawyers Sachikonye & Hlabano Legal Practitioners to sue for damages. In summons filed at the High Court on Monday, Stratus is claiming $300 000 with costs.

The company is also claiming collection commission calculated at the rate of 10 percent. According to the plaintiff’s declaration, the parties entered an agreement for the provision of professional mechanical engineering services on May 15, 2012.

The services were needed for the construction of ZEGU campus in Bindura. In terms of the said agreement, which still subsists, Stratus should provide the services for a fee. Construction work, according to Stratus, was stopped for eight months due to financial challenges around 2015.

When the project resumed, Stratus was dumped without proper termination of the contract. “The plaintiff has reason to believe that, for reasons best known to the defendant, he has been unlawfully replaced in the project and that in itself is a clear breach of the agreement that the parties signed.

“The plaintiff wrote to the defendant on several occasions, asking them to remedy this breach, but they have failed, neglected, or refused to do so, leaving the plaintiff with no option except to approach the court for redress,” reads the declaration. The church is yet to respond to the claim, ahead of a hearing at the High Court.

Source: The Chronicle

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Best friends in crime Zoey,Bev in nasty fight over local footballer



ER_OTIC dancers Zoey and Bev are fighting once again, this time over footballer Mitchell Katsvairo.

The two’s rivalry has gone off stage to matters of the heart as they are fighting over the Kaizer Chiefs forward.

Zoey opened the lid saying Katsvairo has been pestering her for love when in fact he was dating Bev.

Zoey said the tension grew recently when she told Bev that her man was pestering her for se_xual favours.

“To be honest with you I think I have done my best to be a good friend to Bev but it seems it always backfires on me,” said Zoey.

“Yes, we are not in talking terms and this happened simply because I had opened up to her telling her that her boyfriend Mitchell Katsvairo was making advances on me.

“Instead of her asking her boyfriend why he was approaching me, she became angry with me.“At one point, we had a nasty confrontation when she was accusing me of being the one to blame for all this,” said Zoey

Speaking on how she feels about Katsvairo, Zoey said she has no feelings for him.

“This man is the one who was after me not the other way round and I have messages to support it but for some reasons, Bev does not believe me.

“Ndakatoona kuti Katsvairo aitoda kutiitisa and then I told him off. I told him that he was not my type.

“I am not after men. I am focusing on my career as well as making money these days.

“I have scooped a couple of endorsement deals and I am also currently working on my upcoming album titled the return of Zoey,” she said.

Contacted for comment, a seething Bev refused to entertain H-Metro.

“I don’t have a comment,” she said before hanging up.

Efforts to get in touch with Katsvairo have been in vain as his phone has not been available.

Source-H Metro

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