Grace mugabe, miracle I survived

‘My leg was crushed by the armoured car but miraculously I survived’- Grace Mugabe

Harare – Grace Mugabe says her leg was crushed by her husband’s armour-plated limousine and miracously survived, in her first public comments on the “freak accident” at Harare International Airport.

The 52-year-old First Lady said it was “a miracle” she could still walk.

“I am telling you I was run over by the armoured car… My leg was crushed and I thought I was not going to walk the rest of my life,” she said, in comments carried by the state-run Chronicle.

“We were returning from Singapore. We landed on Saturday morning at around 7.30am. I remember that vividly and there were people of course waiting to receive us. I was with officials from state occasions and also close to them was Dr Mushohwe (Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister),” she said.

“We were actually talking about this programme (Mrs Gumbochuma’s birthday party),” she said.
The First Lady said while discussing, she did not realise that the President was already in the car.

“Someone said ahh Amai, President is already in the car get in the car. As I moved towards the car, there was another vehicle close by and one of the officials was following with my bag. When I was about to get into the vehicle, I do not know what got into the head of the driver as he set the car in motion,” she said.

“I am telling you I was runover by the armoured car, believe me. My leg was crushed and I thought I was not going to walk the rest of my life. I thought I had suffered multiple fractures but let me tell you, God is there. I am walking with a bit of pain, I am a very strong person but I really suffered on that day because the leg was very painful. I had concluded that I was not going to wear shoes the rest of my life,” said Dr Mugabe.

She thanked God for her miraculous healing which has seen her managing to wear shoes and walk properly.

“I was really runover by a car and you later heard of the incident. I used to hear people saying they survived after being runover by cars and mine is also a miracle that I am walking today.

“This happened to me and that is why I say if you pray God will protect you.

“I really saw the hand of God that day,” said the First Lady.

She said she could not walk for a few days and on Tuesday she forced herself to go to work putting on slippers as she could not wear flat or high heeled shoes.

I had to go to the gym to massage myself on the leg so that I recover quickly and on Thursday I was feeling better,” said Dr Mugabe.

“I wanted to attend the Matabeleland North rally and I said God I am not going to miss it. I prayed that I would attend the rally without fail,” she said.

The First Lady said the President was surprised that she was putting on shoes.

She urged people to pray and depend on God for wisdom.

“You do not get wisdom because you are Amai Mugabe or President Mugabe, wisdom comes from God. I was taught by my mother that every day I should wake up and pray in the morning for God to give me more and more wisdom,” said Amai Mugabe.
She also said parents should be patient with their children when they misbehaved.

Amai Mugabe said young people were bound to be naughty at some point whether they were the President’s children or not.

Comments which seem to address the wayward behaviour that her sons have reportedly manifested in Johannesburg. News24 reported that they evicted from their apartment for unacceptable behaviour.

She said what was worrying was that children were drinking alcohol, taking drugs and engaging in anti-social activities that were harmful to their lives.

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