Mnangagwa has always been on my case ever since he snatched my wife, Chihuri says

Mnangagwa has always been on my case ever since he snatched my wife, Chihuri says


Former ZRP boss Augustine Chuhuri has dropped a bombshell accusing current President ED Mnangagwa for snatching his pregnant wife and persecuting him for the same since the incident happened.

Chihuri is about to lose his USD 32 million wealth through the controversial wealth declaration law enacted in Zimbabwe. He made the revelations through an affidavit filled with the High Court in bid to stop the confiscation of his assets.

The Robert Mugabe era top cop wants the court to set aside the unexplained wealth order it issued against him on June 20.


Justice Felistas Chatukuta granted an application by prosecutor-general Kumbirai Hodzi for an order forcing Chihuri and his wife, Isobel Halima Khan, to explain the source of their wealth in the process of seizing it.

The state claims Chihuri abused his public office to amass wealth during the period he was commissioner general.

Chihuri says his problems with Mnangagwa reached breaking point when he refused to join the coup plotters in November 2017 but chose to be loyal to Mugabe. He however doesn’t mention the part he played in stopping the coup, including the failure to arrest then army general Constantino Chiwenga at Robert Mugabe International Airport two weeks before the coup.


Chuhuri claims that Mnangagwa has always been on his case ever since he snatched his wife during the liberation struggle.

He further went on to claim that Mnangagwa vowed to make his life ‘hell’ as long as he lived starting from the liberation struggle incident.

Cihuri says he was married the Zanu way in a ceremony officiated by then political commissar Mayor Urimbo (late), around 1976 and his wife fell pregnant the following year.

“The current president of Zimbabwe, Mr Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, was aware of this union and pregnancy. Using his position, my then wife was transferred to Shai Shai in Mozambique where Mr Mnangagwa had a forced affair with her as she alleged,” he wrote in the affidavit.

“I tried to terminate the marriage, but the political commissar threatened me not to dare to do it, citing that Mr Mnangagwa [as he then was] is a dangerous man and would behead me as he was not hesitant to kill.”

Chihuri said Urimbo told him: “Do not gamble with your life, dear comrade.”


“From then my relationship with the president of Zimbabwe worsened. He went on to suggest that my then wife terminate the pregnancy,” he said.

“God was on my side, it was tried and it failed.

“The late Cde Serbia, who was working under Mr Mnangagwa in the security department, told me about the termination of the pregnancy and that Mr Mnangagwa vowed that as long as he lived, I shall pay for not giving up on my then wife to him.

“Cde Serbia warned me again to keep quiet or else I would perish and never see the light of day.”

Chihuri said the dispute between the two has since been turned into a “national spectacle for the purpose of victimisation.”

“One can clearly see how the public media in the country has been reporting about me and my family, wife and children that we have been targeted for annihilation,” he said.