Missing the ZEP Application appointment costly

Missing your ZEP application appointment will cost you big, see how much

ZSP permit holders applying for the ZEP permit should take note of the consequences of missing their appointments with VFS Global for it will cost money if your reason is not justifiable.

VFS Global advised applicants that before selecting an appointment date, they should ensure that they plan accordingly for their supporting documents as rescheduling would only be allowed under special circumstances.

If you miss your appointment because of a valid reason like being sick, a sick note should accompany your request to reschedule and only then will you not be charged.

This means that if your reason cannot be justified it will be treated as a no show and you will loose R850 adminstration fee from your application fee.

It is important to note that once an appointment has been confirmed, a full refund of the VFS Global’s service fee is not possible, save in the case of death or hospitalization.

All cancellations and no shows will attract a penalty fee of R850, which will be deducted from the VFS Global service fee.

All refund applications that do not fall in the category of no shows/ cancellations will bear a R250 administration fee.

No fee will be charged if the applicant is unable to honour the appointment due to his or her death or hospitalization.

Once an appointment has been confirmed a person can thereafter reschedule an appointment twice. Thereafter if the maximum attempts have been exceeded, the VFS Global’s penalty fee of R850 will be forfeited.

Rescheduling or cancellation of confirmed appointment is allowed up to forty eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled date of appointment. VFS Global recommends applicants to make use of the rescheduling function as this will reduce certain applicable penalty fees.

Rescheduling appointments should be applied when applicants do not have all mandatory documentation at the time of submission.

All refund claims made after your initial appointment date for any reason will not be entertained and will be regarded as a no show/cancellation and will carry a penalty fee of R850. It is the duty of the applicant to bring all refund claims to our attention either on or prior the appointment date. Article continues below…

Eligible refunds require thirty (30) calendar days processing from the date of refund request.

These terms can be viewed on the VFS Global Refund Policy page.

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