Marry Mubaiwa

Mary Mubaiwa Collapsing, A Stunt Or? Social Media Reacts

Marry Mubaiwa once again collapsed while on her way to court on Monday and social media is divided on whether to believe that it’s a stunt or she is indeed suffering at the hands of her alleged tormentors.

It has become a norm that Mubaiwa collapses when she goes to court which signals deteriorating health.

Social media users are divided with some accusing Marry of collapsing for the camera to attract sympathy from the public while some feel sorry for her saying that she could be collapsing every day off-camera at the hands of the tormentors.

Some users think Marry’s family can afford a wheel chair that she can use to move around.

“I think it’s a stunt to attract public sympathy…She fell the other day also.Kana achibva kumhuri ine vanhu vane brain,they were supposed to realise kuti she needs a wheelchair.
I do feel however that she is being abused by political powers…; she may not get true justice,” said one social media user.

“I think the family can afford a wheelchair for her now this is annoying,” another user wrote.

Mubaiwa eventually went back in court having collapsed in the morning.

She is on trial for attempting to formalise her marriage with Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

The state was left with two witnesses to testify against her after the VP Chiwenga nailed her in December last year.

Prosecutors today intended to submit a statement by a deceased witness Michael Louzidis but Mubaiwa’s lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa challenged that.

Magistrate Lazini Ncube is expected to hand down his ruling on the witnesses statement this afternoon.

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