Man fathers son with own daughter

In a bizarre incident a 78-year-old man from St Albert’s in Mashonaland Central allegedly raped his daughter and fathered a son.

Vasco Vega (78) from Gweshure village under chief Nembire was exposed by witch hunters (Tsikamutanda) who are currently cleansing the village.

Vega was reportedly ordered to stand up before the whole village and was exposed for raping his daughter 23 years ago before fathering a son.

“It is true I raped my daughter 23 years ago and her first born is my son but he calls me grandpa because when I raped her it was juju related hence it was the secret between me and my daughter,” he revealed.

However, when he raped his daughter who cannot be named for ethical reasons she was 15 years old and he accused Sherphard Guzha to have committed the crime.

The innocent Guzha was convicted and jailed for 25 years by Bindura magistrate in 1994.

Guzha only served 10 years and he died a prisoner.

Meanwhile, witch hunters are not legal in Zimbabwe and the Ministry of Home Affairs is calling for their arrest if found in societies, as they are regarded to be spearheading divisions in families at the same time conning clients.

In this case Tsikamutanda brought a genuine case since Vega admitted to his shenanigans.

The crime he committed in Zimbabwe it is no longer considered since it surpassed 20 years


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