Pictures of Mai Titi in sexy lingerie

Mai Titi Sexy Lingerie Pictures Gets Lights Up Social Media

Pictures of Mai Titi in sexy lingerie have been received with mixed reactions by Zimbabweans with some criticizing her for what they call promoting nudity while others were just stunned by how sizzling hot she looked in them.

The conservative lot argues that it is improper for a married woman like her to be publicly seen clad in such revealing lingerie.

Some, however, have shown their support for Mai Titi understanding that it was just a hustle like any other Zimbabwean does to make money.

The multi-talented entertainer posted her pictures in black and pink lingerie on her social ,media platforms on Friday morning and the post has attracted a lot of attention from her fans.

Here is what social media users say:

Alistar Eliana

Maphosa is a fool of an unprecedented magnitude. A man who works and lives in USA allowing his wife to practise a business that borders on nudity and harlotry for a paltry $1000 is so hard to imagine..
Maureen Chenga

People umuntu naked ati so sweet , what is so sweet about been naked?
Tafadzwa Tapiwa Brooklyn Muswere

Its marketing hatirambe bt zvimwe siiraiwo vasina vanyarikani izvi…a wife of sm1 apa a mother too and mai veruwadzano futi dzimwe mari siyai dziende.tmrw unenge uchitoda kubata mike uchimba mberi kwechurch waratidza vanhu zvakadai..u shld learn to value urself.

Mai Titi’s husband, Tinashe Maphosa came out to support her saying that he was okay with the way she was dressed. He wrote;

Mai Ts Diaries
Felistas byb you are looking beautiful and absolutely stunning as usual.
I adore your sex appeal and I want you to know that, no matter what, I will always love the way you look.
The lingerie is sexy and nice, but it is the woman who is wearing it that makes it really special.
I will see you soon 😊 ❤……”

She later took to the same platform to apologize to her fans who didn’t appreciate the post, she wrote:

Mondiregererawo vati ndanyadzisira my job is to market handingambosiye thaza richienda nekungoramba kupfeka bhurugwa 😂ndatozongonyara kuisa tyt pasi nhandi 🙌tiripabasa ndoMarketing yacho. Chingotarisayi bhurugwa nebra mutenge zvizhinji chisiyayi zvakadaro 😂😂😂😂.lnga vana Beyonce vanotoimba vakadaro wani 😂😂😂😂ndisiyeyi ndripabasa,” she wrote.

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