Listen | Zim maid fired over a satanic prayer against employer’s family

Listen | Zim maid fired over a satanic prayer against employer’s family


A Zimbabwean woman working as a maid in Cape Town was recently fired from her job after her employers accused her of worshipping the devil in their house.

In a leaked recording of the incident as it unfolded, the maid can be heard talking to her boyfriend saying,

“Hameno chaari kupopota arikuti it’s hot it’s hot, achida kutraya kuvhura door, ma1 hana yangu irikurowa babe
zvakaoma ariku… (I don’t why she is shouting, she is saying it’s hot it’s hot while trying to open the door, I am afraid babe, it’s hectic she is…)


There is a heavy knock on the door

The maid responds, “yes ma’am

“Open the door!, ” the landlord shouts


The maid’s footsteps can be heard as she walks to the door.

“Listen, you are not going to behave like a devil in my house, you understand me.

“In the name of Jesus, you will not behave like a devil in my house.

“You’re going to pack your bags now!

“and you’re going to move, you’re going to go

“You understand me. Pack you bags


“because my husband has a gun and he wants to shoot you, he wants to kill you on this property.

“You better pack your bags, do you hear me,” the landlady screams at the maid.

“Yes, then I …,” replies the maid before she is abruptly cut off by the angry woman.

“My family is covered by the blood of Jesus

“You’re not gonna pray every fxxx day

The maid throws in an apology which the landlord seems not hear.


“You hear!

“You’re not gonna pray over my family

“trying to hurt my children!

“trying to hurt my husband!

“You hear me!” the landlady continues shouting.

It sounds in the audio like the landlady is assaulting here as she shouts.


“Sorry ma’am,” says the maid.

“Don’t say sorry,

“You’re a fxxx witch hear in my house

The maid responds “I didn’t know you didn’t allow me to”

“No don’t come and tell lies,

“You pray like a witch in my house


Again the maid says she is sorry.

“Over my children

“What have I done, what have I done,” cries the maid.

The landlady continues to shout,
“No, you hurt my children!

against my children!

against my husband!


pack your things and go

I don’t know how you’ll get to Zimbabwe but you are going,”

“Okay ma’am,” says the maid.

A man’s voice can be heard chipping in,

“Pack your things, pack your things please now,” says the man.

“Who is going to help me?” asks the maid.


“I will take you to the, I’ll take you to town
you’ll get a bus from there, please pack your things now'” the man says.

Of which the maid says okay before the recording cuts off.