Lack of ‘good’ se_x ends marriage

A se_xually-starved woman has been left with no choice, but to part ways with her husband who has denied her conjugal rights for two years and proved only to be good at insulting her.

As a result, Wandile Bhebhe thinks the only solution is kicking Brian Bhebhe out of their rented home as he is a “useless” man.

A reliable source close to the family said: “The couple got customarily married in 2011 and they were blessed with two children.

“They have been having marital problems and as such the husband did not want to be intimate with the wife though they shared the same bed.

“It all started when the man suspected that the woman was cheating on him.”

It is reported that the couple have not had peace at their home for the past few years and elders have failed to help solve their problems.

“Now the woman has come out in the open and wants to part ways with her husband because he has se_xually-starved her for a long time,” said the source.

Wandile confirmed the reports and revealed that she had since applied for a protection order.

“Who told you? Anyway the reasons why I want to divorce the man are stated in my affidavit I submitted at the courts,” she said, giggling.

In her affidavit, she said:

“Since 2011, my husband has been ill-treating me. He has not been doing any se_xual activities with me for the past two years and has been regularly insulting me saying I am a bitch.

“I therefore apply for a peace order so that I can have peace and Brian Bhebhe leaves me at my place of residence and does not interfere in my life anymore.”

She even stated that her life was in danger as the man constantly threatened to kill her.

Efforts to get a comment from Bhebhe were fruitless as his mobile phone was unreachable and his whereabouts unknown.

Source -B-metro

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