Guns Come Out As Grace Mugabe Fight Son’s Girlfriend In South Africa

Guns Come Out As Grace Mugabe Fight Son’s Girlfriend In South Africa

Zimbabwe’s first lady, Grace Mugabe’s body guards drew out guns to defend the angry mother after her assault victim tried to fight back. She allegedly beat up a girl living with her sons at a hotel in South Africa.

A woman named Gaby Tweeted: “Rob jnr was put out of the hotel room and Bellermine ran away.

“My two friends and I were beat up in a room with 10+ men leaving her to do it.””

In another tweet she wrote: “She split my head open in three places with an extension cord and used the plug to hit me.”

According to Zimbabwe Mail Website, the first lady did not attend the youth rally in Matebeleland South on Saturday.

The Website reported that according to president Robert Mugabe, Grace is in South Africa to have her foot examined following a freak accident in Harare International Airport a few weeks ago.

Zimbabwe Mail further reported that a kicking and screaming Grace Mugabe grabbed the girl by the dreadlocks and with the assistance of her aids, they beat her up.

The Mail quoted sources at the scene saying the girl tried to fight back and one of the First Lady’s aid was seen drawing out a gun from its holster

Police cars and ambulances were apparently seen driving in and out of the property.

Mugabe’s two sons have been in the news lately for their wild parties and lavish lifestyles.

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