EFF Zimbabwe questions ED legitimacy, calls for Beitbridge Border Shutdown

EFF Zimbabwe questions ED legitimacy, calls for Beitbridge Border Shutdown


Economic Freedom Fighters Zimbabwe (EFF Zimbabwe) a little known Zimbabwe political, a sister political movement to the Julius Malema-led EFF South Africa has questioned the legitimacy of President Emmerson Mnangagwa in leading the country through a horrible crisis, calls for the closure of Beitbridge Border Post until a National Transitional Authority is established.

The following is a statement issued by EFF Zimbabwe National Spokesperson Vimbai Mupunga.

On the 10th of August 2020, the EFF Zimbabwe Central Command Team met and passed a resolution to organize and hold a peaceful demonstration at the Beit Bridge Border Post. The resultant aim is to blockade the Beit Bridge Border Post and send a clear message to the inhumane and brutal regime in Zimbabwe that we cannot continue to watch and do nothing whilst our people are brutalized, starved- women sexually assaulted, political activists arrested and tortured for no reason other than exercising their constitutional right to freedom of expression.


The wealth and the welfare of our people has been brazenly stolen by thieves in suits masquerading as legitimate representatives of the people yet they are a gang of thieves in a captured Zanu Pf party and government.

Consequently, the ordinary citizens of our great country, the poor, the old and the sick, the children and young people, parents, and basically the majority of our people now live in perpetual and humiliating poverty caused upon them by their own government.

We have listened to the distressing cries of our mothers and sisters who have been raped, our fathers and brothers who have been tortured, our grandparents who experience daily humiliation of failing to meet their private personal daily needs. We have resolved that our generation must act now to save Zimbabwe and her people. Our forefathers and our ancestors will punish us harshly if we do not carry out this generational mandate of freeing our people from this evil tyranny.
We demand that ;


1. The government stops arbitrary arrest of political activists immediately and release all detained political activists and journalists.

2. The government fight corruption by immediately arresting corrupt government officials and those
who looted public funds.

3. The government reverse immediately the US $3.5 billion decision to compensate white settlers for the land they stole from our forbearers. We reject compensation of beneficiaries of colonialism.

ULTIMATELY we demand that a National Transitional Authority be established forthwith to save the country from collapse. The National Transitional Authority must be drawn from political, civic organizations, and private sector from the length and breadth of our country. In all clarity, let us ensure it’s clear and emphatic that #ZanuPFMustGo!!!!!

We call upon all the political formations in Zimbabwe, big or small to set aside narrow party objectives and to come and stand with the people of Zimbabwe on the 31st of August.

We call upon all civic organizations and labor unions to stand with the majority of our people on the 31st of August.


We call upon the youths to save their country because the future of Zimbabwe lies in their hands.
We call upon those in the security services particularly the army and the police to pose and think about that mother or sister nursing the brutal injuries after being raped and beaten, we ask them to think about that child who is hungry, sick and scared because those in government do not care about their health and welfare.

EFF Zimbabwe will work with all democratic and progressive forces in Zimbabwe to peacefully bring TOTAL CHANGE to the lives of our people.