Cops brutally attacked by army

Cops Brutally Assaulted After Throwing Spikes At Army Vehicle

There was pandemonium on the streets of Harare on Tuesday evening after the army descended on the ZRP with sticks and sjamboks, brutally assaulting any cop they met.

Eyewitnesses reported that about a hundred man strong batallion of black beret soldiers attacked police officers on Robert Mugabe street beating them thoroughly without any resistance.

The ZRP officers fled and took shelter in nearby shops as the marauding gunmen bayed for their blood.

The assault was sparked by a spike allegedly thrown onto a ZNA vehicle, puncturing its tyres.

An overzealous ZRP officer allegedly threw the spikes onto the unmarked ZNA car’s path and damaged its tyres, securing his workmates a backlash from the army in the process.

The army was headed to the Central Police station where they intended to school the police in the art of discipline.

Eyewitnesses were amused to watch their tormentor tasting the bitter medicine they always prescribe to the public.

The heavy handedness the ZRP continues to handle the public with especially in traffic enforcement have only raised tensions to the highest level.

Running battles between the police and the public have become an everyday sight.

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