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Central Locking Plan backfires:Husband ‘s manhood disappears



A Budiriro man threatened to undress before a congregation at Madzibaba Stephen’s shrine demanding his money accusing him of removing his ma_nhood in Chitungwiza last Friday.

Kudzai Chihota wrestled with Madzibaba Stephen Mugariri’s aides as he demanded to meet the man of cloth saying he was left with te_sticles only.

The case was taken to St Mary’s police station where he was referred to seek medical attention.

Speaking to H-Metro, Kudzai’s mishap came after his intention to ‘centrally lock’ his wife backfired when he was the first to cheat following their visit to Madzibaba Stephen’s shrine.

“My brother what I want from Madzibaba Stephen is to restore my manhood or refund my money; it’s not that I want to make noise here since you are free to see that I have te_sticles only,” said Kudzai showing his private parts.

“I am the one who consulted Madzibaba Stephen to lock my wife after I received reports that she was cheating on me.

“Madzibaba asked me to visit him along with my wife for the prayers and I didn’t not know that the prayers would affect me as well since I was the one who paid money and asked for help.

“My manhood disappeared while I was ca_ressing my girlfriend and I quickly thought of Madzibaba Stephen and I disclosed this to both my girlfriend and my wife.

“His aides denied me entry to see Madzibaba Stephen demanding more money since I was not booked for one on one and I decided to lodge a report with police against him.

“Police gave me a report to take to a clinic and the nurse could not help me only to write a letter to seek help from well-wishers,” said Kudzai showing H-Metro the said reports.

Contacted for comment Madzibaba Stephen confirmed conducting prayers to Kudzai and his wife saying the latter must come along with his wife for way forward.

“Yes I know Kudzai after he came seeking for help accusing his wife of infidelity,” said Madzibaba Stephen.

“I clearly indicated to him and his wife that the prayers apply to both of them and I want to believe Kudzai wanted to test me.

“He must come with his wife not making noise like what he did at the shrine when he is aware of what he did. Iye ndiye munyengeri wemukadzi wake saka akasununguka kunobetserwa nevamwe vaporofita kana n’anga ini ndirikuti ngaadzoke nemukadzi wake chete,” said Madzibaba Stephen.

Kudzai claimed that he was feeling pain and not urinating.

Source-H Metro

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My wife Grace ‘is being harassed… she cries daily’, Mugabe tells AU



Harare – Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe says his wife is being harassed and cries daily, three months after he was forced to step down in the wake of a military takeover, a newspaper reported Friday.

Mugabe told the African Union’s Moussa Faki Mahamat during a courtesy call he made to the Mugabes’ Harare mansion this week that he doesn’t feel safe.

‘Wife persecuted’

“They told you I was safe, but how can I be in this environment?,” Mugabe reportedly told Faki, who is chairperson of the AU commission.

“My wife is crying daily. They are persecuting her… What am I without my wife and family? We are not safe,” the Zimbabwe Independent quoted Mugabe as saying, citing “detailed notes” supplied by officials who attended the meeting.

Mugabe said his wife was being harassed over her PhD from the University of Zimbabwe. Last week UZ Vice Chancellor Levi Nyagura was arrested for alleged abuse of office for awarding her the degree in 2014. Critics say her thesis is nowhere near PhD standard.

‘Ruling through guns’

Mugabe reportedly insisted to Faki the PhD was genuine: “I used to see her here working hard day and night. I would assist her here and there, so how can someone wake up and claim she didn’t work for it? This is harassment.”

According to the leaked notes, Mugabe told Faki that Mnangagwa’s appointment as president was illegal, and appealed to the AU to help restore democracy in the country.

“We want you to assist to restore normalcy and democracy in the country and stop this thing of ruling through guns,” he reportedly said.

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UK to deport at least 2 500 ‘illegal’ Zimbabweans



Harare – Britain has reportedly announced its intention to deport at least 2 500 Zimbabweans living illegally in that country.

According to New, British ambassador to Zimbabwe, Catriona Lang, recently told Zimbabwean Deputy President Kembo Mohadi that her government intended to deport illegal Zimbabweans in that country.

The announcement came as Theresa May said that her government was “determined to reduce the number of immigrants coming into the country by thousands”.

In his response, Mohadi said that the southern African country had no problem taking back its nationals but it needed to check them to ensure they were truly Zimbabweans.

“… We said we want to vet them before they leave the UK. We want to know whether or not they are Zimbabweans or if they are not fugitives who had run away from justice,” Mohadi was quoted as saying.

Britain was Zimbabwe’s former colonial ruler.

Around 20 000 British citizens lived in Zimbabwe while at least 112 000 Zimbabweans lived in Britain, according to an AFP report.

Britain provided around $114m in aid to Zimbabwe every year.

Relations between the two countries went rocky under ex-president Robert Mugabe, particularly over the controversial land reform programme.


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ZRP comment on BVRs



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