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harare magistrate's court

A Harare man who reportedly fleeced money from his wife’s lover after discovering their illicit affair is in hot soup. It is reported that Maxwell Mutandwa (35) was recently hauled to court facing charges of extortion after he allegedly fleeced his wife’s lover Wadzanai Manyika (43) who lived at the same house. Allegations are that …

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harare drive truck crash

Harare – Several people are feared to have been killed after a truck plunged into pedestrians at the corner of Harare drive and Borrowdale road on Thursday morning. Videos circulating on social media show many people lying helplessly on the ground with no emergency personnel on scene. The truck is seen not far from the …

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intercape bus robbery

Eight armed robbers allegedly made off with cellphones and cash after robbing passengers on an Intercape bus that was en route from Joburg to Harare. The armed robbers, four of whom were passengers who stopped the bus and were joined by another four, “terrorised all passengers and demanded cash and cellphones”, said an anonymous passenger …

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chihwa bus fire

A Zimbabwe bound Apaco bus fully laden with passengers has caught fire on the N1 north near William Nicol Drive in Johannesburg on Wednesday morning. Johannesburg metro police spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said the bus was travelling from Cape Town to Zimbabwe. Pictures of passengers escaping through the windows have been widely circulated on social media. …

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If it sounds too good to be true it’s probably not true, the same is true if it sounds too bad.

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dog with zanu pf regalia

A Guruve man was accosted by irate ZANU PF supporters who took him to a police station after he was found walking with a dog “dressed” with a T-shirt bearing a picture of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s face. The villager was identified as Robson Chininga, of Chininga village, Mudhindo in Guruve. He was seized from Mudhindo …

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zanu pf original

Following the formation of a copy cat ZANU PF , Simon Khaya Moyo, the Spokesman for the current ruling ZANU PF has set the record straight blasting the new party and calling it an insult to the values and ethos of the liberation struggle. The Bootleg Party registered at ZEC using the name ZANU PF …

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john mangudya

Zimbabwe’s central bank has asked the International Monetary Fund to overlook the country’s shortcomings in achieving fiscal targets and allow a program to help restore the economy to run its course. Eddie Cross, a member of the monetary policy committee who attended the meetings held with the Washington-based lender’s delegation on Thursday, said policy makers …

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