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Girl (11) turns wife number 3 to 41 yr-old Malaysian man

Staff Reporter- July 2, 2018

THE marriage of a Malaysian man with an 11-year-old Thai girl has sparked outrage in the Muslim majority country with one activist on Sunday labelling ... Read More

Man born without a penis gets bionic manhood – and will have erection for 10 days

Staff Reporter- July 1, 2018

A British man who was born without a penis is looking forward to having sex for the first time after having a bionic penis implant. ... Read More

Tsvangirai ‘critically ill’ in SA… his condition ‘has deteriorated rapidly’ – reports

Chokwadi Choga- February 6, 2018

Cape Town – Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, 65, is reported to be "seriously ill" in a South African hospital after his "condition deteriorated ... Read More

Best friends in crime Zoey,Bev in nasty fight over local footballer

Chokwadi Choga- January 27, 2018

ER_OTIC dancers Zoey and Bev are fighting once again, this time over footballer Mitchell Katsvairo. The two’s rivalry has gone off stage to matters of ... Read More

WATCH: ‘They Will Ressurect’- Woman Caught With Dead Husband And Son’s Bodies

Chokwadi Choga- July 22, 2017

A Mhondoro woman kept the dead bodies of her husband and son in her house allegedly hoping they will ressurect. The bizzarre incident happened in ... Read More